Editorial: 1-22-2019

January 11, 2019

Why we aren’t in print

We know there are still a LOT of people who prefer to hold the written word in their hands. They want a book, they want the newspaper. They do not like a machine. There also many, many people who are not online. Despite the shock of those who live in the ether, there are those who either can’t afford it (check the cost of that internet connection, then add up the cost of all the hardware including the mini-computer you call your phone); or just aren’t “up” on the ways of the www. There are those who refuse. Who don’t like it and won’t use it. For them, we apologize. We did do research. We tried to find a way to continue to print a publication. After all, the Winchendon Courier was a print publication for 140 years. But it just wasn’t going to happen. Many of the costs had been absorbed by a larger entity. Having to now provide insurances, employee costs, utilities (including the internet), print costs, and then with the plan of sending the revised Courier to everyone in town without charge, mailing costs, it was not possible. The biggest blow was the mail costs. Sorry. It was a reality we just couldn’t get over. So to keep us alive; we have chosen to go online. We are learning as we go; and we know it will only get better. Tell your friends and neighbors. Share the site with others. And remember there is also a Facebook page. We are sharing too. Soon we will be able to accept ads and sponsorships, the paperwork just to do that is enormous as well, but we want to do this right. This is a legacy, this is Winchendon’s source for news for generations. This new generation will learn to rely on us too. Be patient as we get there.